AMD Stock Forecast 2025,2030,2040,2050

In this guide we will understand what would be the AMD Stock Forecast 2025,2030 to 2050 with our technical and fundamental analysis which help you to take action before investment.  

We will provide data with full accuracy after analysis of authentic online material. You will also get to know about AMD and its full form, AMD buy, sell or hold , AMD stock discussion and conclusion so let’s start with first. 

What is AMD and its full form

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices which is a popular semiconductor company and it is popular for developing computer processors and other related technologies for business and market. 

AMD is an American multinational semiconductor company which is based in s California.which was founded in May 1 ,1969 The president and Chief executive officer (CEO) of AMD Lisa Su . She is an American business executive and electrical engineer.

AMD is actively working and invested in the research and development on the new project to introduce the most advanced CPUs in the market with simultaneous multithreading (SMT5) Features

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Stock name Advanced Micro Devices 
Market cap200.06 Billion
CEOLisa su
All time high$161.91 (november 2021)
P/E ration515.03
52 week high and low130.79 – 54.57
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AMD Stock Stock Price Prediction and Forecast 

This is amd price target 5 years and other year of amd stock prediction with maximum target ,minimum target and average target

YearMaximum TargetMinimum TargetAverage Target

AMD Stock Forecast 2025 | AMD Stock Price Prediction 

Prediction always works on the analysis which would be done by the stock advisor. They always do fundamental and technical analysis after that they decide which stocks would perform better. 

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And after analysis they predict the future or growth of the company. And  as we all know in tech companies AMD is a popular name and growing every year. So if you have not added it to your portfolio consider it. It will give you a good return in the long term. 

As per our analysis the maximum target of amd price prediction 2025 can reach $225.41 ,the average target is predicted to reach $195.55 and the minimum target is expected to reach $178.44. 

Year MaximumAverage Lowest

AMD Stock Forecast 2030 | AMD price Prediction

In the year 2030 after seven years the growth level and AMD stock price would have increased as per online stock advisor like motley fool and based on our analysis.

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So according to our prediction the maximum target of the amd stock forecast 2030 is expected to reach $515.62 the average target is expected to reach $409.85 and the minimum target is predicted to reach $415.62 . 

Year MaximumAverage Lowest

AMD Stock Forecast or Prediction 2040

AMD is working on research to provide a better product than today as we all know the processor of AMD is affordable and durable.  

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Customers buy AMD Processors for their computer to work smoothly because the AMD Processor provides fastest working experience and new generation gamers are interested in gaming and for better gaming experience Processors play a big role to run smoothly 

And the future is technology and technology is the future so AMD, a semiconductor company’s growth will increase day by day. If you are considering investing you must see the price prediction of AMD.

The maximum target of amd stock forecast 2040 is expected to reach $948.56 ,the average target is expected to reach $860.32 and the lowest target is predicted to be around $852.32. 

Year MaximumAverage Lowest

AMD Stock Forecast or Prediction 2050

Investing in AMD Stock is a great potential, Intel and AMD are two popular brands you might have heard or read about on your computer because it provides processors for your computers. And these company growth levels are increasing at a rapid pace.

At the beginning of its growth, if you will invest or buy a share of AMD can ultimately give you a profitable result in the long run. As of now in june the stock price of the AMD is 124.23 USD and growing at the rate of 94.05% year to date 

As per the growth and demand of the processor we can predict the future or stock of AMD the maximum target is expected to reach $1489.55, the average target is expected to reach $1372.12 and the lowest target is predicted to reach $1350.12.     

Year MaximumAverage Lowest

AMD Stock Discussion

If you want to join the group or you want to see the discussion of AMD and related discussion you can type on the google AMD Stock Reddit or you can click here to go directly on the discussion page 

Is AMD a buy, sell or hold?

As per our analysis and others stock advisor AMD is a growing company and can give you better results in the long run if you have already bought stock then forget to sell and

If you haven’t bought then this is the right time to buy the shares of AMD. Our prediction shows the growth of the stock so hold the share if you have already bought the shares to get the maximum profitable result.   


In this article we have explained AMD stock price prediction from 2025 to 2050 which will help you to invest in AMD Stock. It is a growing company and it will give you a profitable result in the long run. So if you want to invest where there is minimum risk of loss then you can consider investing in the AMD semiconductor company.  

Hope you like this article. If you like this article you can give rating to our article and if you have any suggestion leave a comment and also share this article thank you 

Disclaimer: This Prediction is based on our analysis just for reference purposes. And if the market is in the positive direction then our predictions work. Uncertainties not covered. 

Q: AMD Stock Reddit

A: Reddit stock discussion is helpful for all type of investor whether he/she is beginner or pro investor if you wants to see the AMD stock Reddit type of Google AMD Stock reddit discussion and click on the first link or simply click here

Q: What will AMD stock be worth in 2025?

A: According to our forecast the AMD stock worth in 2025 is expected to reach 225.41 which is the highest target and the lowest target is predicted to be around $178.44. 

Q: Can AMD reach $200?

A: Yes as per our analysis and on the recommendation of stock advisors in the next three year AMD is expected to reach more than $200.

Q: Where will AMD stock be in 5 years?

A: AMD stock price would increase double in the next five years. Our prediction says the stock price prediction is expected to reach $350. 

Q: What is the AMD forecast for 10 years?

A: AMD stock forecast for 10 years with the highest target is expected to reach around $550 and the lowest target is expected to reach $430.14.

Q: What is the future of AMD stock?

A: Future of AMD is bright because the gaming market is increasing and if the gaming market increases demand of the processor increases and once the demand of the processor increases the best processor plays a huge role to fulfill the demand and in the category of best processor AMD PROCESSOR is one of the best Best. 

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