[2024] 5 Best Stock Trading Apps| Best stock trading app for beginners

Finding the best stock trading app is the first step of every investor’s journey. Trading apps are normal apps like others. In trading apps they give you multiple features like stocks buying and selling with a simple steps.

And other features like managing portfolio, research investment, live updates about stocks, getting notification and a lot more features make the apps popular in the field of stock. And also made very easy to invest and making profit 

So in this article we will talk about the most popular stock trading apps that you should consider if you are a novice or pro in investment. It will make your task very easy. In our list there are five ( 5 ) most popular and recommended trading apps. 

First we will see the summary and in summary account minimum,fees,account types,per contract option and and the second we will see the rating and third their pros and cons the overall comparison will decide which apps is the best for you to start investment if you are a beginner or professional 

Best Stock Trading Apps

In the list of trading apps there are five most popular apps. These apps are very popular in America and make its features more attractive. Let’s talked about  these apps one by one and understand which is best for you 


The first things that make its app popular that it charge zero dollar (0$) commission for online  US stocks, options trade, mutual fund, ETF

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And as per the report the stock trades $0.00 and option (per contract ) $ 0.65. If you are a beginner you can start with a minimum investment and the minimum deposit $ 0.00. It means minimum money are needed to open you account 

And as per the report it got 5 star rating so the overall the app is best for all types of investor if you wants to start your investment journey you can go with E*trade app

Pros cons
Mobile navigation are very smoothCryptocurrency not available 
Watch list are best Margin rates are high 
Free real times quotesLive chat slow 
mobile experience better Only US market 
Best research tools

TD Ameritrade

It is one of the best apps for investment and also the most popular one for its features and experience with the apps

It gives you features to invest in stock, mutual funds,ETFs, options and bonds with a very simple step. The process of investing is very simple for the beginner as well. This app is endowed with all features that are required to invest and also give you a lot of options to track market, manage portfolio, buying and selling stock with a few clicks.

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According to this official website account minimum is $0.00, stock trade $0.00 and options ( per contract ) is $0.65 and the rating is 5 star out of five 

As we know there is no minimum balance needed to start an investing journey and it’s very popular among the investors and also recommended by a lot of experienced investors to start with TD Ameritrade. If you are a beginner this is the best app to begin your investment with ease and fast apps  and also for the experienced investor.

Try its tools for research and financial calculation and screening functions. It has build their brand as a leader in trading field and one interesting things it started in the year 1975 with full service broker

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Pros Cons 
Best mobile apps and website designDirect crypto trading not available 
User friendly apps Fractional shares not offered 
For all types of investorsCase sweep program are not automatic
Best client support 

Merrill Edge

It is an electronic trading platform started by BofA. It launched in June 2010 this is also the best trading platform both for beginner and professional investors

It is a retail banking company and it known for the best apps for the banking and research as per the official website the minimum deposit is $0.00, stock trades $0.00 and option ( per contract ) $0.65 and as per the website the rating of Merrill Edge by trader is 4.7/5 

As per the website, the best features of the apps is investing ideas. You will get best tools and guidance to pursue your investing journey profitable and building your portfolio 

Apps come with Investment and banking connections. You an easily view your fund and can transfer from apps account to america bank account  

Pros Cons 
Best tools and guidance for investment ideas No crypto for trade, penny stocks
Stock trades $0.00Few element loading slow 
A/C minimum $0.00
Apps A/C and bank of America connected 
Earn more rewards 


It is an American personal finance company and online bank. It is situated  in san francisco they have two platforms one is apps and other is website. You can start trading from any of the platform but i would recommend to trade through your mobile 

Sofi provide a lot of features that include personal loan, credit card, and investing through both the platform 

The best features of the Sofi is buying and selling stock with zero commission and there should not be a A/C minimum 

And you can be a smarter investor by using apps with all best features and guidance and it time to time update their apps with more features and guidance and you can also join the community to get other sofi traders experience and knowledge in an events 

Here you will get real time news related to investment and authentic data by creating your own watchlist of best stock. 

Invest in the stock which you believe to be profitable as per the website it says do it yourself but not alone. They will help you on every step to start your trade to make it profitable. So this trading apps can be best apps for all types of investment 

Pros Cons 
A/c minimum $0.00Limited track record in an investment firm 
$0.00 commission fees Only USD available not other currency 
Rating 4.2/5
User friendly apps with real time and authentic data 

Interactive Brokers

It is an american brokerage firm and financial service company with client in over 200+ country and territories 

It provides features to invest globally in stock, bond, options, fund, forex, cryptocurrencies. The total number of employee’s work in Interactive Brokers in near about 2.5K+ and the chief executive officer (CEO ) is Milan Galik

You can open your account very quickly with few step in an electronic application online and you will also get free trial to try platform and compare the rates and can experience features of the apps 

This one is the leading trading platform with all the best tools and guidance. You will get the real time data and can also add your best stock to your watchlist 

It also claim that it’s margin rates are 50% lower than the industry and the minimum deposit $0.00, stock trades $0.00 and options ( per contract )

Pros Cons 
50% Lower the margin rate than the industry Main platform could be complicated 
Available globally Rating 3.1/5  
Apps for professional as well as beginners 
Earn interest 3.83% USD on uninvested cash 


In this article I talked about the best stock trading apps both for the beginner as well as professional trader. I have explained about their features, fees, minimum deposit, options ( per contract ) , trader experience and rating from the trader and many more. If you like this article then share and also give rating to this article thank you 


Q-Best stock trading app for beginners

A-these are all popular stock trading app for beginners you can choose any one of them
2-TD Ameritrade
3-Merrill Edge
4-Interactive Brokers

Q-Which one is best trading app?

A-Sofi and TD Ameritrade is one of the best trading apps for all type of investors

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