(Step by Step) Buy Tesla Stock On Etoro 2023

If you want to know how to buy Tesla stock on Etoro platform here is the complete guide to buy TSLA Stock and along with buying a stock we will also explain the benefits of the Etoro platform for investors.

Investing is a powerful way to make money. plenty of people are in the world who become rich just by investing money, for instance Warren Buffett. If you are also interested to invest your surplus money then stay tuned with me 

What is Etoro

Etoro is a very popular online platform where you can buy a bunch of stock with a very simple interface. It offer not only a Tesla stock but other stocks as well

On the Etoro platform you can buy stock, commodities,cryptocurrency and much more with a very simple process. If you will follow our step by step procedure of buying a stock. It will help you to buy other stocks as well 

If you have research about online brokers for stock buying. Most probably you might have heard of Etoro. It is popular among investors. The reason behind being popular because of its interface and easy process of buying any stock not only Tesla 

Features of Etoro

Etoro was founded in January 2007 with a very young and successful businessman Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia, David Ring. It is an Israeli based company whose headquarters is also in israel. The company has registered his office in multiple countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Cyprus

Since 2007 it has become one of the most popular platforms to invest or to buy Stocks online with ease. It has a total 20 million registered users who are actively using the Etoro platform.

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When it comes to the website the monthly users are more than 30 million which indicate the competent brokerage firm. let’s see some other key features of Etoro online Platform

  • Trade Crypto
  • Demo Trading features
  • Trade other financial instruments
  • You can copy anyone portfolios 
  • Trade stocks 

Pros and cons of Etoro

Pros of eToroCons of eToro
Demo trading Features Forex trading fees are high as compared to others
Social trading FeaturesNot available in New York, Nevada and other city 
Minimum trade $10Customers service are limited 
0% commission on stock, ETFS trade
1% fees charge on crypto buying and selling
Highly rated apps 
No Hidden charges

Buy Tesla Stock On Etoro

1- Choose a platform to buy Tesla stock

There are a bunch of online platforms to buy stock but not every platform is popular and user friendly every platform has their own pros and cons. It depends on user experience and other factors to choose an online brokerage firm .

From our analysis we found out that Etoro is the best online platform to buy Tesla stock and we have already discussed all the pros and cons. Also trusted by millions of registered users

So you can go with the Etoro to start your investing journey. There are very simple steps to create an account just follow the steps. . 

2- Open an account

  • First of all search on the google Etoro you will get a link etoro.com click on the link 
  • After That you have to click on the Join Now button 
  • As soon as you will click you will be redirected to “create an account” page 
  • There are two option to create an account first you can create with Facebook or Google and second you can fill User name, Email, Password and accept the terms and conditions 
  • And after that click on the create account button 
  • You account will be ready to use 

3- Transfer money in your account 

Once you have finished your account sign up. Now the third step is to transfer Funds to your account to start you investment   

  • Select the Deposit Funds
  • Enter the amount you wants to add to your account 
  • Select your preferred payment methods. There are multiple payment methods but most of the traders choose wire transfer or online banking to avoid extra charges on payment. So choose online banking 
  • Fill all the required information and proceed your payment 

4- Research and Search Tesla stock 

  • After transferring funds to your account, research about TSLA for instance. Should we buy Tesla stock, Is Tesla stock a Buy, Sell or Hold? What was the 52-week low for Tesla stock, why Tesla stock is going up and is Tesla a good stock to buy 2023. After research you will be fully satisfy and then you can proceed further 
  • After getting all the answers, search Tesla in Etoro. And  There are other stocks like apple, netflix and amazon are available you can also consider about those stocks as well 

5- Buy Tesla stock

You can order in two different types 

1- Market Order 

  • It can be defined as an order to buy or sell security at the current market price  

2-Limit Order

  • It can be defined as an order to buy or sell security at a specific price. And we could understand in different ways that a limit order is an order which will give you a direction to a broker to buy or sell at a better price.

After that you will have to press the Open trade button to place your order. And then you can monitor your portfolios to see the profit or loss. 

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6- Track you Tesla performance 

After buying a Tesla stock you can monitor your stock in the portfolio section. Whenever you buy any stock it will add to your portfolio. From there you can see the profit or loss of the stock

And in portfolio section you will get to see other option as well like how many units have been purchase, invested amount ,value, sell and buy 

If you want to set top loss you can do it from here. There are other options like you can exit the trade from your portfolio. Whenever anyone invests in any stock they track their portfolio to see the profit or loss of the trade. Now see the benefit of buying Tesla stock on Etoro 

Benefit of Buying Tesla Stock on Etoro

  • You can directly buy a Tesla stock on Etoro without any interference of any stock brokers 
  • Interface is very simple to understand and easy to start investing for beginners as well as other experienced investors and it is a trusted platform by millions of users.  
  • If you are investing through Etoro you don’t need to pay any commission ( 0% commission) for investing in ETF or Stock and no hidden charges apply is the best benefit of Etoro platform 
  • The next benefit of etoro is to buy fractional shares and you can start trade with $10. Which is helpful for beginners investor and for those who wants to learn investing 
  • It offers you to invest in stock, ETF, cryptos. 

Other Stocks to Buy on Etoro

Apart from Tesla stock you can buy other companies’ shares as well and these shares are also very popular like Tesla and these are growing companies which can give you a profit.

  1. Apple 
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon.com Inc
  4. Coca-cola
  5. Walt Disney
  6. Paypal 
  7. Alibaba
  8. Netflix
  9. AMD
  10. Mastercard


In this guide we explained the step by step process to buy Tesla (Tsla) stock on eToro.and also the features and benefits of the eToro which make it different from other Trading platforms. According to the official website more than 20 million are registered users on eToro. And etoro app is a high rated app on playstore. 

If you like this article and found it helpful in your investing journey let me know in the comment if you have any suggestion you are most welcome in the comment and there is an star rating below article consider giving star rating by pressing on the stars. Thank you


Q-How do I buy Tesla shares on eToro?

Follow the step by step process to buy the Tesla shares
Visit eToro website
Create an account 
Despot fund to your account 
Search for Tesla 
Place an order 

Q-Is Tesla on eToro?

Yes Tesla is on eToro you can see the complete guide to buy Tsla Stock on eToro with a very simple way

Q-Which platform to buy Tesla stock?

eToro is an online popular trading platform to buy Tesla stock in just few step

Q-What cryptocurrency is available on eToro?

Yes cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and many more are available on eToro. You can visit the website and can buy the listed cryptocurrency  and along with that transfer, send ,receive and convert features are also available on eToro Platfrom 

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