Latest ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2025,2030,2040,2050

In this guide we will explain chargepoint stock forecast for 2025 to 2050 as we know In future there will be no petrol diesel vehicles .Every country promoting EVs in their own country and to run electric vehicle charging station is necessary and you know after electric vehicle petrol and diesel station will shut down and electric charging station will evolve gradually 

So to install changing station at broad level there is need of company who can help a respective country to build infrastructure so in this field there is great company called CHAREPOINT working good in the country like America ,europe and in other country

What is chargepoint 

Chargepoint is the world’s largest network of best electric vehicles (EVs) charging station companies in countries like America and Europe. His service are widespread in different-different country 

They cover total 14 country their services are available to this 14 countries with better quality and good services this company is growing day by day and trying to spread their services to other country as well

History of chargepoint 

Chargepoint started in the year 2007 by Richard Lowenthal, Dave Baxter, Praveen Mandal, Harjinder Bhade 

But the current Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) of chargepoint is Pasquale Romano and he is also the president of the company and also a member of the company’s board of Direct . He hold the degree of undergraduate in computer science from Harvard university and also received his Master Degree from MIT

They have manufacture 34,900 charging station as of 2017 for the country like united state , australia ,canada, mexico 

Date Number of charging station 
June 2017 35,900S
July 201847,000
January 201958,000
September 2020114K
March 2022174K

Is ChargePoint a big Company?

If you talk about the chargepoint company its market cap is 3.44 B USD. Its services are available for Homes, Offices, Parks, and Parking areas. Total 30K employes work for chargepoint in world wide 

Chargepoint is a revolution in the field of EVs to make environment clean and pure to breath with the help of this company every place you will get a charging station to make your life easy and more comfortable  

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Is ChargePoint a Good Stock to Buy?

Yes it is a good stock to buy because the future is electric vehicle ( EVs) and the company will evolve day by day as it require more charging station be it in home,office or on public place 

As far as the stock price of the company is concerned it is performing good but in the future the stock price will definitely hike . as per the expert after the research and analysis they found out that stock price will rise as the EVs manufacturing increase 

Today EVs is not famous as much as the diesel and prtrol vehicle because customer are not being satisfy with the current EV that most of the big company manufacture and the bigger issue is charging in case if you are in a place where there is no charging station you might be in problem. To solve the issue company like chargepoint doing great to build infrastructure 

If you will ask me as a suggestion to buy ,sell or hold. From my research and analysis and also from expert point of view if you haven’t bought go and buy the stock and if you have already bought then do not sell hold it for the next five year to see the tremendous result  

Chargepoint Stock Price Today

Stock price today is 10.8 USD It is fluctuating but as per the trend the price of the stock is expected to rise this year as the EVs demand increase 

We have seen a growth with 1.72% today and it is expected to increase if you are an intraday trader this prediction with data might help you to make profit 

ChargePoint Stock Forecast for next 12 Months 

As we have seen previously, the table shows the growth in the number of charging stations from 2017 till 2022. Companies have seen exponential growth. Every month they are installing 2,000 charging stations. Which is good sign of growth and investor are also investing their money in this company 

ChargePoint Stock Forecast for next

As far as prediction of the stock is concerned for the next 12 months as per the analysis you will get a positive result because the highest target stock price of the company is expected to be 12.01 USD and the average stock price target might be around 11.02 USD and the lowest price expected to be around 10.65 USD

Highest target12.01 USD
Average target11.02 USD
Lowest target10.65 USD

ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2025

In the year 2015 after two year fluctuation depend on the company performance and government policy it also play a vital role to develop the EV company along with charging station as we know the revolution have been started to adopt EVs like Tesla, Ford, Rivian 

The stock price prediction for the year 2025 the highest stock price target would be around 11.73 USD. The average price target is expected to be 11.11 USD and the lowest price prediction is expected to be 10.51 USD

Highest target11.73 USD
Average target11.11 USD
Lowest target10.51 USD

ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2030

In the year 2030 after 8 years the life of humans would have changed from vehicle prospective every person would like to buy the Electric cars and. Along with e-car charging station would also evolve and the world largest network charging station company ChargePoint would have develop with the help of the investor to see the trend of electric cars and obviously the stock price would also increase 

So the stock price prediction 2030 with the highest price target is expected to hit 16.78 USD and the average would be around 15.1 USD and the lowest target of the stock price would be around 14.50 USD 

Highest target16.78 USD
Average target15.1 USD
Lowest target14.50 USD

ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2040

After 18 years of the chargepoint. Stock price would be on boom because of the investment it is expected to invest in EV charging station would be around $192bn and stock price will also rise in that year

According to the investment in the future you can predict the price of the stock. And those who have invested hold it for long time to see best result and if you are wondering about investment you can see the prediction of the different year and can take right decision 

As per the report published by the chargepoint company his quarterly revenue increased by by 90% and annual revenue increased by 65% over the year 

As claimed by the company 174K ports are activated by 31 January and nearly 51K in Europe. These gradual growth with outstanding performance and profit generating company this can be the world leading company in electric vehicle charging stations 

As per the report it says that in the fiscal year 2023 our revenue is expected to increase from $440 million to $500 million. and the highest target of chargepoint stock forecast 2040 is expected to reach $217.10 and the average target is predicted to be around $205.52 and the lowest target of chargepoint stock price prediction 2040 is expected to reach $211.32

Highest target217.10USD
Average target205.52USD
Lowest target211.32USD

How to Download Report of Chargepoint

In the report they share about their company growth like quarterly and annually financial report and 

  • Profit 
  • Cost of revenue 
  • Operating expenses 
  • Loss from operation 
  • Net loss before income texes
  • Net loss
  • Case flow from operating activities and many more 

To the full report Click Here

Who Owns the Sost ChargePoint Stock?

To see the future of the company most of the investment management companies invested their money in the chargepoint company. In the list of investments the first name come out of an investment management company The Vanguard Group Inc

Stockholder Stake in percentage(%)
The Vanguard group Inc6.51% Stake 
BlackRock fund advisors 2.76% Stake 
Canada pension plan investment board 2.30% Stake 
Baillie Gifford 1.69% Stake 
SSGA Funds management Inc1.09% Stake 


In this article you learnt about ChargePoint Stock Forecast and investment report and also share the quarterly and yearly report published by chargepoint and you can download the report as well. It will guide you to make profit in the future 

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What is the prediction for ChargePoint stock?

For the next 12 months as per the analysis you will get a positive result because the highest target stock price of the company is expected to be 12.01 USD and the average stock price target might be around 11.02 USD and the lowest price expected to be around 10.65 USD

Chargepoint stock price prediction 2025

As we all know stock of chargepoint is giving profitable result and as per our analysis in 2025 stock prediction is expected to be between 11.73 USD to 10.51 USD

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