Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 & 2040

In this guide we will explain the penny stock price target of India that is Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 & 2040.

In this article we will provide you with the best article after doing fundamental and technical analysis of the respective company. And along with that indian infotech share is good or bad, 52 week high and low, History and latest news regarding the company. 

About Indian Infotech 

Indian infotech is engaged in financial activities and it is known for non banking financial company (NBFC) that provide multiple services including : 

  1. Access control system 
  2. Comprehensive visitors management system
  3. Monitor and  safeguards movements of visitors 
  4. Provide loans 

Indian infotech provided a loan to the company that engaged in technology and software. That is one of the major sources of income for the company and this is also the reason of being popular among the people.

The company started in 1982, the total number of employees are 10 as of 2023 and according to the company:

VISION: The Vision of the company is to reach the top most company in time office operation. 

MISSION: The mission of the company is to achieve a global benchmark in the field of time office management.


  • Highly Qualified and experienced team in the field of HRMS. 
  • Dedicated and talented team 
  • Provide best solution based on their experienced 
  • Long growth record
Name of company Indian Infotech and Software Ltd
52 week high / low 2.57/1.16
p/e ratio 97.40

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 & 2040

Year Maximum target Minimum target
2023Rs 2.08Rs 1.85 
2024Rs 5.95Rs 4.15
2025Rs 10.56Rs 7.15 
2026Rs 12.85Rs 8.85
2030Rs 28.85Rs 20.55
2040Rs 95.85Rs 78.52 

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023

I have mentioned that they provide loans to the company and it plays a crucial role to grow the Indian infotech company. 

So after the analysis we found out that in the future there is a probability of growing in the upward direction but this year there is no change of growth in stock price but our analyst predict that 

The maximum Indian infotech share price target in 2023 is expected to be around Rs 2.08 and the minimum target could reach to Rs 1.85     

Year 2023 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target
November Rs 2.08Rs 1.75
December Rs 2.15Rs 1.85

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2024

In the next year 2024 if the company takes the right decision and finds the lacunae which prevent growth then the year 2024 would be the starting growth year in the share price

Indian Infotech Share Price Target

As per our analysis the maximum indian infotech share price target in 2024 may reach to Rs 5.95 and the minimum target can reach to Rs 4.15

Year 2024 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target
JanuaryRs 2.25Rs 1.95
FebruaryRs 2.20Rs 1.88
MarchRs 2.22Rs 1.85
April Rs 2.85Rs 1.45
May Rs 2.80Rs 1. 75
JuneRs 2.95Rs 1.95
July Rs 3.15Rs 1.88
AugustRs 3.45Rs 2.14
SeptemberRs 4.15Rs 3.15
October Rs 4.56Rs 3.45
November Rs 5.20Rs 3.75
December Rs 5.95Rs 4.15

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2025

For this year 2025 most of the investors are finding accurate targets. So for this year we specially research from the different stock advisors and reach to a result.

The maximum target of indian infotech stock price prediction 2025 is anticipated to be around Rs 10.56 and the minimum target could be Rs 7.15 

Year 2025 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target
JanuaryRs 6.15Rs 4.25
FebruaryRs 6.25Rs 4.35
MarchRs 6.45Rs 4.25
April Rs 6.85Rs 4.56
May Rs 7.15Rs 4.85
JuneRs 7.55Rs 5.15
July Rs 8.15Rs 6.12
AugustRs 8.85Rs 6.44
SeptemberRs 9.45Rs 6.15
October Rs 9.88Rs 6.17
November Rs 10.00Rs 6.65
December Rs 10.56Rs 7.15 

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2026

The best thing about the Indian infotech company is that it is a debt free company. It means there is no debt on the company. On the top of it they provide debt to the other company that is the plus point for the investors. But 

But the stock price is fluctuating every day and the fundamentals are weak and the market cap is only 1.3B. So as a result investing in the company would be risky. If you invest in the company you might lose your money. 

The maximum target of indian infotech price 2026 is anticipated to be Rs 12.85 and the minimum target may reach to Rs 8.85     

2026Maximum target Minimum target
December Rs12.85Rs 8.85   

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2030

If you are a long term investor it might be profitable for you but the short term investors should be away from the company.

In 2030 there is a high probability of growth in the company and can give good returns to the investors. And as per other stock advisors the infotech share price can increase. 

The maximum Indian infotech price target in 2030 is expected to reach Rs 28.85  and the minimum target may hit Rs 20.55 

2030Maximum target Minimum target
December Rs 28.85Rs 20.55

Indian Infotech share price target 2040

In 2040 the company growth will be more than you expection and the share price would also increase but the investors who are ready to invest for the long term can be profitable. 

It is obviously the tech company and we all know the future is tech and the technology will enhance the productivity of humans and will ease the work, so investing in the tech company will be beneficial.  

So as per our analysis the maximum target of indian infotech share price in 2040 would be around Rs 95.85 and the minimum target could hit Rs 78.52 

2040Maximum target Minimum target
December Rs 95.85Rs 78.52 


Q-Can Indian Infotech become a multibagger stock?

A- Yes It can be a multibagger stock 

Q- Indian Infotech Share is good or bad

A- As per our research and other stock advisors the indian infotech share price is good for long term and bad for short term

Q- Indian Infotech share price 52 week high

The indian infotech share price 52 week high is Rs 2.57 and 52 week low is Rs 1.16 

Q-Indian infotech & software ltd latest news

A- Indian infotech is debt free

Q- Indian infotech share history

A- In 2012 the share price started increasing and reached to Rs 24.65 and the maximum share price hit Rs 46.10 in august 2013.   


Indian infotech share are volatile in nature and risky. as per our analysis it is not good investment fo short term investors but for long term investors it might be good decesion to invest and if you like our article star rate our article and ask anythings in the comment. thank you

Disclaimer : This is not a financial advise, this article is just for information purpose and if the market in the positive direction then our prediction will be correct.

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