Latest Mguy stock forecast 2023,2025,2030,2040,2050

In today’s guide we will discuss mguy stock forecast 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 and 2050 in depth based on our team research. 

If you are a beginner or experienced investor and want to invest in mogul energy international Inc ( MGUY) do not jump to invest in mguy stock 

Read the complete article and after reading the complete article. It will assist you to take right decision to invest in the respective stock 

What is Mogul (mguy) Energy International

Mogul Energy international Inc is an United States gas and oil exploration based company situated in Houston city in Texas. Primarily work in the acquisition, operation and development of gas and oil properties 

These are very old company as per the report Mguy founded in the year 2005 in 25 july its headquarter is also in the Houston and its founder is Naeem Riaz Tyab

Mguy Stock Forecast|mguy stock predictions

As per our prediction and some other professional stock advisors expect the future of the stock price may fall at $0.0414 ( -52%) for the upcoming year. And the current stock price is 0.086 USD

If you invest $50 you will lose nearly 50% of your money so according to our analysis this stock is not profitable for the next year. It is expected to give you a negative result.

But it doesn’t mean that it will always be in loss. Let’s see the price prediction for another year. You all know oil and gas is energy and there is a requirement of the energy for human being as the population increment our consumption of energy will also increase so it is clear that as the demand of energy will high stock of the respective company will also high 

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Should I buy MGUY stock now?

As we have earlier discussed, the future of the stock is not suitable because the future of the stock may fall as per our analysis along with other stock advisors.

So you may consider later to invest in the stock but if your are planning for the long term investment then stock price for 2025 to 2050 may help to generate profit 

If you will see the graph of the stock price it is not satisfactory to make profit because in graph it is going downward and the growth of the stock is also giving a negative result 

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Mguy stock forecast 2023,2025,2030,2040,2050

YearHighest target Average target Lowest target
20230.0287 USD0.0285 USD0.0302 USD 
20250.0953 USD 0.0764 USD0.0806 USD
20300.4014 USD 0.382 USD0.382 USD 
20400.6813 USD0.5773 USD 0.5927 USD
20501.2725 USD1.1923 USD1.1920 USD

Mguy Stock Forecast 2023|mguy stock predictions

Mguy 52-Week High $0.42 and the 52-Week Low is $0.02 . The average target of the stock is expected to be around 0.0285 USD and the Highest target is expected to be 0.0287 USD and the lowest would be around 0.0302 USD 

This year from profit point of view it is not profitable you may consider later to invest its not only our analysis but other advisor also recommend not to invest right now otherwise you will be in lose let’s see for 2025

Average targetHighest targetLowest target
0.0285 USD0.0287 USD0.0302 USD 

Mguy Stock Forecast 2025|mguy stock predictions

The Highest target is expected to be around 0.0953 USD and the average target may be reach 0.0764 USD  to and the lowest target may touch to 0.0806 USD

Our analytics report for the next two year is dissatisfactory growth level of the company may dumped to lower position and return of the company is not profitable but it may turn into profit for next year let’s see for 2030

Average targetHighest targetLowest target
0.0764 USD 0.0953 USD 0.0806 USD

Mguy Stock Forecast  2030|mguy stock predictions

In the year 2030 means after seven years there will be a lot of changes. So let’s see what will change in the stock price.

The Average target of the Mguy Stock may reach to 0.382 USD and the Highest target of the stock is expected to be around 0.4014 USD   and the lowest lowest target may touch to 0.382 USD 

This year we have seen +342.00 % growth from the current year. In the beginning stock was not profitable but this year it has given you good and profitable result let’s see for the year 2040 is it profitable or not 

Average targetHighest targetLowest target
0.382 USD0.4014 USD 0.382 USD 

Mguy Stock Forecast  2040|mguy stock predictions

For the year 2040 The expected Average target of the stock my reach to 0.5773 USD  and the Highest targets could reach to 0.6813 USD and the Lowest price of the stock can touch 0.5927 USD

In 2040 stock might give you +570.30%  growth rate as per our analysis and other stock advisor too

Average targetHighest targetLowest target
0.5773 USD 0.6813 USD0.5927 USD

Mguy Stock Forecast  2050|mguy stock predictions

For the year 2050 the Average target of the stock is expected to be around 1.1923 USD and the Highest target may reach to 1.2725 USD  and the lowest target may touch 1.1920 USD

The growth rate of the stock from the current year may reach +1280.40%. If you will invest on the right time you will get profitable return in the future 

Average targetHighest targetLowest target
1.1923 USD1.2725 USD1.1920 USD


In this prediction we try our best to give you a well researched stock forecast. You can read the whole article and can get an idea of mguy stock prices predictions and their growth in the future from 2023 to 2050. It will help you to take right decision to invest your money in the stock 

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Is mguy stock a good buy

As per our analysis mguy stock for the next two year would not give profitable return but in future after 2025 it is expected to grow the stock at a growth rate of +116.12%

What is the price forecast for Mguy?

The price forecast of Mguy for the year 2025 highest target is expected to be around 0.0953 USD , for 2030 -0.4014 USD, for 2040- 0.6813 USD , for 2050-1.2725 USD according to our analysis from 2026 the growth of the stock is positive and can give you a good return to the investor. so after two year with analysis you can take decision to invest in Mguy stock

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