Michael Burry Net Worth 2023|Biography,Education

Michael Burry is one of the successful investors of America whose Net worth is around   $1.2 billion in 2023. Michael Burry is a famous personality in America who has achieved most of his goals in his life. 

He has struggled in his life. Michael Burry born on 19 June 1971 in San Jose, California  he was two year old when he has lost his life and later his eye was replaced with the Artificial eye  

Michael Burry Net Worth

According to the report the Michael Burry Net Worth is more than $300 Million. He is an active investor whose net worth fluctuates with time. He is an inspiration for millions of investors including Novice investors.  

His interview and through social media have imparted a great knowledge to take the right decision in an investment journey. 

In the 2008 financial crisis Michael Burry made most of the wealth by the subprime mortgage market ( Lending money to a business or person who is at greater risk ). And his investment has changed his life and made him a millionaire. 

NameMichael Burry
ProfessionInvestor, Hedge fund manager, Physician
Monthly salary $3 million 
Yearly salary $30 million 
Last update1 hour 

Michael Burry’s Early Life & Education

He born in San Jose, California, As far as the Michael burry education is concerned he has done his high school from Santa Teresa later he has completed his education from university of california. and He studied economics and medical study 

After that he got a Doctorate degree (MD) from vanderbilt university school of university. And later they got interested in investment and they started as a part-time financial investor.  

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Michael Burry Biography

Michael Burry is also a hedge fund manager and physician he is also a real estate investor and made profit out of it. They have plenty of houses in different cities, for example New York, Los Angeles and many more. They are also fond of luxury cars. Burry has a luxury car collection 

He is the first person to predict the subprime mortgage crisis and later a film called The Big Short was made. In this movie Michael burry’s character is played by Christian Bale.

Michael Burry Assets

Car collection: As discussed,earlier Michael Burry has a luxury cars collection.These cars are very expensive and beautiful with all the new features. He has very famous luxury car Rolls royce phantom, Jaguar f type, Bentley continental, Maserati levante and some other cars

Home: Michael Burry is a very famous rich person in America and through his movies they become popular in the rest of the country. He owns the most expensive things, one of them is a house. They have multiple houses in many cities and in the journey of millionaires real estate investment plays a significant role.  

Michael Burry Net Worth Growth Yearwise

Dr Michael Burry Net Worth 2023$1.2 Billion
Michael Burry Net Worth 2022$460 Million
Michael Burry Net Worth 2021$425 Million
Michael Burry Net Worth 2020$390 Million
Michael Burry Net Worth 2019$360 Million

Michael Burry Net Worth 2023

According to a report dr.Michael Burry’s net worth 2023 is estimated around $1.2 billion. The graph of his net worth every year is surging upward. It is because of his investment in the right stock and right prediction which is based on his knowledge and experience. 

As far as his portfolio is concerned in the list of his portfolio some of them are as follow

Michael Burry’s Personal Life

Michael Burry lives his beautiful life in Saratoga which is in california. He is married and also has a son. His son is identified with asperger’s syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disease. A symptom of this disease is that a person would have difficulty interacting socially and conducting nonverbal communication. 

A very few of them grow in the upward direction in spite of suffering from disease Michael Burry and his son are suffering from a disease. But they overcome all the difficulties, face a lot of  challenges and even after all these difficulties Michael Burry networth increases everyday.  

NameMichael Burry
Birth placeSan jose California 
Date of birth19 june 1971
Age 52 Year (as of 2023)
Michael Burry Height170 cm
Weight76 KG
Eye colourBrown 
Marital status Married 
Michael Burry WifeN/a
Michael Burry FamilyWife and Son
Michael Burry Son nameN/a

Michael Burry Twitter

Michael Burry twitter is a vault of investment knowledge. He always enlightens the investor with his financial knowledge and experiences. If you are also an investor you must follow Michael’s twitter. His twitter account name is Cassandra.


Q- how much money did michael burry make in 2008

A- According to a report michael burry made $100 million during the crisis of 2007 and made $700 million profit for their investors

Q- How successful is Michael Burry?

A- Michael burry is a very successful person. He made profit from investment. They have plenty of Luxury cars and his house is in multiple cities . 

Q- how much did michael burry make in the big short

A- Michael burry made $100 million for himself and $700 million for their investors

Q- Is Michael Burry a billionaire 

A- According to a report michael burry md net worth is estimated around $1.2 Billion. 

Q- How old is Michael Burry?

A- Michael Burry is 52 years old as of 2023. his date of birth is June 19, 1971.

How much is michael burry worth

A- it is clear from the post that michale burry worth is $1.2B there is hike in the net worth over the past new year

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