Qs Stock Forecast 2025,2026,2030|What is the Future of QS stock ? 

In this guide we will learn about QS Stock Forecast 2025, 2026, 2030 and along with the forecast we will also learn the future of QS stock, Buy or Sell, should you buy or not and the latest update regarding Qs stock. 

Quantumscape is an American based company which developed solid state lithium metal batteries. According to a report these batteries are more efficient than other batteries. 

It delivers more than 2.5 times more energy and it stores more energy in less space is the features of these batteries and also it is lighter and smaller but the amount of energy that these batteries produce is more than any other batteries. 

Quantumscape batteries used in small devices like smart watches and mass production of batteries are used in the Electric vehicles (EV). According to Quantumscape it is more efficient and reliable than lithium ion batteries.  

And the 10 most famous investors in the quantumscape are 

  • The vanguard group
  • Black rock fund advisors 
  • ssgA funds management 
  • Bill gate 
  • Volkswagen 
Name Quantumscape incorporation ( battery manufacturing company)
Headquarters San jose, california
Number of employees 850 as of 2023
founded 2010
Founder Jagdeep Singh, Tim holme, Fritz prinz
CEOJagdeep Singh

Qs Stock Forecast 2025 to 2030

Years Maximum target Average target Lowest target 

Qs Stock Forecast 2025 

Quantumscape incorporation Batteries targeting the future cars with less space and more energy and more powerful than any other batteries. 

Qs Stock Forecast 2025

The current stock price of the quantumscape is 7.10 USD and as far as the Quantumscape stock forecast 2025 is concerned the Maximum target of Quantumscape is expected to reach $22.35 and the average target is predicted to be around $18.56 and the lowest target is expected to reach $12.55  

Years Maximum target Average target Lowest target 

Qs Stock Forecast 2026

Our analysis is based on fundamental and technical analysis, a few youtube videos, the latest news update and a couple of famous stock advisors. This article can help you to enhance your knowledge regarding quantumscape (Qs). and can lead you to the final decision. 

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According to our analysis the maximum target of qs stock forecast 2026 can rise and reach to reach $30.25 and the average target is expected to be around $21.25 and the lowest target is expected to reach $16.85 

Years Maximum target Average target Lowest target 

Quantumscape Stock Price Prediction 2030

Based on our analysis we found out that in the year 2030 qs stock future will be positive and the quantumscape stock price will rise and will give a profitable return to their investors.

The maximum target of qs stock price 2030 is expected to soar $42.25 and the average target is expected to reach $28.45 and the lowest target of qs stock prediction could reach $22.10 

Years Maximum target Average target Lowest target 

About Quantumscape Corporation

Quantumscape corporation is one of the emerging companies in the United states in terms of battery manufacturing. It is an American company which is developing solid state lithium metal batteries. It’s headquarter is in San jose, california.  

Quantumscape Stock buy or sell

As per our analysis of Quantumscape 0 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings and 2 sell ratings and the average price target of the Qs is $6.25. 

After the analysis of the Quantumscape stock the buying rating is non and the holding rate is average and the selling rate is high.

If you ask for our recommendation, we would strongly recommend to hold and wait for the long time because in the future cars need high efficiency and reliable batteries which give maximum power and the Quantumscape is moving toward this direction. Our recommendation is just for information.   

Will Qs Stock Go Up

As per our analysis the stock price of Quantumscape will go up over time. Because the future is electric cars and the batteries which are being developed by Qs are not only used for cars but also used for products like smart watches and many more. 

Qs Stock News

According to Motley fool The current progress is not yet seen but the support coming from the investors seems positive. Volkswagen is the largest shareholder in Qs and also has signed an agreement with them. 

Yahoo finance has also written an article on Quantumscape corporation (Qs) stocks moves -0.14%. What you need to do, read the complete article. 

Market summary 

Current stock price $7.08
Market cap3.47B
52 week high 13.86
52 week low 5.11
p/e ration n/a


In this article you learned the Qs stock forecast 2025 to 2030 with the maximum, average and lowest target and also aware about the latest update regarding Quantumscape. I hope you like this article. If you like this article, consider giving a star rating to this article and leave a comment if you have any queries or any suggestions. 


Q- QS Stock Forecast 2023

A- As per our analysis the maximum stock price 2023 will lie between $8 to $10 and the lowest target is predicted to hit $ 6.10  

Q-what is future of Qs stock

A- As we all know Quantumscape is working in the field of batteries manufacturing for cars, watches etc and in the future there is huge demand for the high energy capacity battery. 
And the Qs is manufacturing the best batteries even better than lithium ion batteries. So the demand and supply will increase and ultimately the stock of Qs will increase.

Q-what will QuantumScape be worth in 2030

A- The maximum target of Quantumscape may reach $42.25 and the average target may hit $22.10. 

Q-Should I buy Quantumscape Corporation Stock (QS) now?

A- According to our analysis of the online material we come to a conclusion that you should not buy right now. And we would also strongly recommend holding and not selling right now.
If you will hold for long term Qs return would be profitable.  

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