Rivian stock price prediction 2025,2030,2035,2040|next 12 months

In this guide I will talk about Rivian stock price prediction 2025,20230,2035,2040. we will witness how rivian stock fluctuate with time and lot of investor wants to know prediction in the next 12 month. so stay with these article.

It will help you to create wealth in the future because investing in stock is something like based on prediction on the basis of past data, history of company performance it will be very helpful for investor who is going to invest their money in Rivian 

Our prediction is totally based on our experience and research this will be helpful for not only those who is new in rivian but also who have invested their money in the stock if you found this article helpful please share with the needy and also share your experience in the comments 

What is Rivian Automotive

Those who don’t know about Rivian, it is a very famous company in America. People called it a competitor of Tesla. It is actually an American company which manufacture electronic vehicle and 

It is an automotive technology company which started in year 2009 by RJ Scaringe this company build pick up truck and electronic sport utility vehicle which will be adopted in the future 

Rivian stock price prediction 2025

On the order of largest e commerce company Amazon Rivian company manufacture e- van which boost the profit,stock price and demand of the company

As far as company IPO is concerned it launches it IPO in november 2021 and raise $13.5 B

USD.An active investor sees Rivian in the future as a competitor of the biggest dominating e vehicle company by CEO Elon Musk TESLA 

On the basis of his growth investor are investing their money in this company and people are also looking for the data which show the right prediction in the future like in year 2025,30 and more but before going through the stock price prediction let’s see the history of the Rivian stock price 

Rivian Stock Price History

If we see the history of the Rivian stock there is high volatility are to be seen as per the chart the 52 week high of stock is $179.45 and 52 week lowest is $19.25 and S&500 Week change – 4.31% if you want to see more data regarding this stock click here

Could Rivian Be Successful

Yes Rivian can be very successful because investor are investing money and also big e commerce company like Amazon have  faith on this company but this faith is not enough say that this stock can be profitable so let’s see some data to predict the success of this company because data is the only way to know the profit ,loss ,suppy, demand 

  • Company manufacture total 10,000 vehicle in the year 2022
  • And quarterly growth jump to 47.25% 
  • Net profit fell -39.82% 

Apart from e-vehicle company charging station and insurance that thay own can play a big role to generate profit but his competitor is also very strong in the field like Ford and Tesla  

Is Rivian a Buy, Hold or Sell?

It is very simple to answer this question you might have heard that E- vehicles is the future of world because now a day environment pollution is the danger of the human being it causes several disease and to reduce the environment pollution we have to reduce the number of diesel and petrol vehicle and as an alternative e vehicle can play a big role in transportation

That’s way I am telling you to buy the stock of the Rivian because not now but in the future this company can profitable because e vehicle is not prevalent now but this is the future of the world   

Rivian stock price prediction 2025

Rivian stock price prediction 2025,2030,2035,2040

Rivian stock price prediction year wiseMini TargetMax Target
For next 12 months22 USD70 USD
202598.40 USD37.28 USD
2030185.90 USD210.10 USD
2035250 USD287 USD
20401500 USD1200 USD

If you have already bought the stock of respective company then don’t worry about the loss hold the stock in the future definitely stock price jump as per our analysis and research and you will made profit out of it 

Rivian Stock Price Today

It’s stock price is 16.40 USD As per the report of the motley fool free article suggestion company try to ramp up the production of vehicle this year 

Rivian Stock Price prediction Next 12 Months

As per the report of the respective trusted website with full analysis and research  I got to know that in the next 12 month the rivian stock price forecast can be

Rivian stock price prediction 2025
High 70 USD
Average43 USD
low22 USD

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

The maximum target of Rivian stock 2025 would be expected at least $37.28 and the minimum target of rivian stock forecast 2025 is expected to be around $98.40  although for the next 2 year is a guess but this guess is also based on the analysis and research and in the world of stock these data is the only source to predict the future of any company 

This is achievable target because EVs demand are increasing day by day and the demand will not stop because rivian is getting contract to manufacture e-vehicle 

Like I said that amazon deal with rivian to build 1,00,000 electric van which will ramp up the demand  the profit and the stock price will also go up

Max target98.40 USD
mini target37.28 USD

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

Rivian 2030 stock prediction is a game changing because our fundamental and technical analysis which is based on online data shared by company ,newsmedia and through youtube. we found out that this year would be profitable for the investors.

As per the research report published by a website the first target of rivian stock 2030 is expected to reach $185.90 and the second target of rivian stock forecast 2030 is predicted to be around $210.10 which look realistic as we look at the growth of the company

First target 185.90 USD
Second target 210.10 USD

Rivian is the most popular company after Tesla in manufacturing pickup truck design and look of vehicle is beautiful and unique their vehicle is designed in such a way that is also fit  for OFF Roading 

As the demand of the vehicle increase the supply will increase and when the supply will increase manufacturing of vehicle will increase and as the manufacturing of vehicle increase profit will increase and obviously stock of the respective company price will increase and  then you will make profit 

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2035

Rivian stock price prediction 2035 can be between  $250 to $287 first target is $250 and the second target is $287 this is very easy to achieve because after 12 year life of people will change and they will be inclined toward environment protection 

First target$250
Second target $287

And after 12 year EVs will be on boom and on the road you will see only electric vehicle and when people will star using e vehicle the company like Rivian and other company share price will drastically increase  

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040

In the year 2040 after 17 year later the rivian stock price prediction 2040 would be in between $1500 to $1600 because after 17 year as per the best stock advisors most of the people would have been using e -vehicle for sure and the petrol and diesel vehicle will be gradually abandoned by the peoples 

If the company are in the race of manufacturing e-vehicle for the next 17 year profit for the company will surely be boost and those who have invested their money in the stock today will get unexpected result     

First Target$1500 USD
Second Target$1200 USD

Why is Rivian Stock So Low? 

The company claimed to make 50k vehicle but it is reported that in 2022 they produced less than 25k vehicle because of the production and supply chain problem 

But this company is electric oriented and we all know about future of electric vehicle if this company are running in loss they will recover their loss and progress in the field of electric vehicle and will make profit for their investor

Should You Buy Rivian Stock

Yes you must buy the Rivian stock today. You can’t see the potential of EVs but in the future you will see everywhere only electric vehicles are running. And most interesting things in America 2.3 millions vehicle are electric and total 1% of total vehicle in america and gradually whole world will shift toward the e vehicle 


I hope you like this article about Rivian stock price prediction 2025 to 2040 in details. I have tried my best to provide all the information that a investors should know about the rivian stock prediction if you like this article share with your friends and also star rating my article

our article is not any recommendation for any stock it is just deliver authentic knowledge about the rivian price prediction


Is rivian stock available?

Yes it is available on NASDAQ. Today stock price is $17.1 and you can see all the details about the company

What is the prediction for rivian stock?

Estimate High $70
Estimate Average $43 
Estimate low $22 

Does Amazon own Rivian?

NO but YES No because this company is owned by RJ SCARINGE. Yes because amazon has taken the share of RIVIAN and also have a deal to delivered 100,000 e van and those who have either taken one share of any company they are among the owner of the company like (1%, 2% ownership of the company )

Who is the CEO of Rivian?

RJ SCARINGE is the founder and CEO of the RIVIAN since he was child he wanted to start a car company

Is Rivian Chinese owned?

No it is not a chinese owned company. It is an American company e vehicle manufacturing automotive company founded in the year 2009 by MIT student RJ Scaringe

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