(₹373/s) Suzlon Share Price Target 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2070

In this guide we will explain the high return stock Suzlon share price target 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2070.

If you are looking for the best and highest return stock in the energy sector then Suzlon is the best option to go with, if we see the last six months share price the Suzlon share price was ₹7.95 on 24th April and Now the current share price is ₹33.15.    

If you are a long term investor and want to get high returns in the future, this company is expected to give high returns to their investors because in just one month its share price increased by 75%. 

About Suzlon Energy Ltd 

Suzlon Energy Ltd is known for its wind turbine manufacturing, providing solutions for the wind turbine energy sector, providing components of wind turbines and the world’s 5th largest wind turbine supplier

Founding year of the company is 1995, Its headquarter is in pune (india), the total number of employees is 5,706 as of 2023, the founder of Suzlon is Tulsi Tanti. And the CEO of the company is J. P. Chalasani

Company name Suzlon Energy Ltd 
Market cap444.52B
P/E ratio 71.31
52 week high/low ₹33.15/6.95
Official websiteSuzlon.com

Suzlon Share Price Target Today

Over the past few days the share price of Suzlon is fluctuating and its share price is continuously increasing and as per our fundamental and technical analysis the price of the share will go high.  

In the energy sector the government through many schemes encourages to expand its business and provide more energy to meet the demand of the people and  

In the future energy is the prime requirement for every person to run vehicles, and other electronic products.    

As per our analysis the maximum target is expected to reach Rs 33.58 and the minimum target is anticipated to be around Rs 27.15.  

Suzlon Share Price Target tomorrow

Suzlon shares fluctuated from Rs 27.12 to Rs 33.14 in just five days and in one month the share price increased from Rs 25.12 to Rs 33.15. 

Our analysis indicates that the highest Price of Suzlon is anticipated to be around Rs 26.15 and the minimum target may hit Rs 34.10.  

Suzlon Share Price Target 2023, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050 & 2070

Renewable Energy sector are developing and expanding in all over the world there are certain reasons to encourage this sectors these are as follow :  

  • Energy come from nature
  • No environmental damage 
  • No pollution 
  • High energy produce in less expenditure 
  • Install easily at the top of hills and near sea 
Years Maximum target Minimum target 
2023Rs 35.12Rs 25.24
2025Rs 55.85Rs 46.35
2030Rs 120.25Rs 92.58
2035Rs 325.25Rs 285.95
2040Rs 695.75Rs 525.35
2050Rs 1,205.23Rs 995.35
2070Rs 7,527.75Rs 5,837.45

Suzlon Share Price Target 2023

This company is producing energy with an installed capacity of near about 201K + MG power in all over the world as per Suzlon report. And Suzlon, with its service and design, is the most prominent in the market.  

Based on our fundamental and technical analysis the maximum target of Suzlon Rs 35.12 and the minimum target is anticipated to be around Rs 43.52  

2023 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target 
November Rs 34.85Rs 28.17
December Rs 35.12Rs 25.24

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025  

This company has vast experience in power evacuation, land procurement and working with stats utilities. 

They have more than twenty years of experience in the wind energy sector. They are manufacturing wind turbines from a future point of view to produce a vast Energy in the world. 

It is present in seventeen (17) companies and 14 manufacturing units and 8 R&D facilities in the world. 

suzlon share price target 2025

The maximum target of Suzlon stock price prediction 2025 is anticipated to be Rs 55.85 and the minimum target may reach to Rs46.35.         

2025 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target 
JanuaryRs 43.58Rs 34.85
FebruaryRs 44.85Rs 32.85
MarchRs 45.10Rs 35.15
April Rs 42.45Rs 31.85
May Rs 45. 85Rs 32.85
JuneRs 48.88Rs 37.96
July Rs 47.65 Rs 33.85
AugustRs 51.75Rs 45.57
SeptemberRs 52.74Rs 43.52
October Rs 54.85Rs 45.66
November Rs 53.75Rs 45.11
December Rs 55.85Rs 46.35

Suzlon Share Price Target 2030

From their global experience in the wind energy sector they are working on advanced technology to harness wind energy to the next level to meet the demand of energy in each countries

Suzlon plays an important role to convert wind into energy with its innovation and advanced technology and every year the company is growing and along with the company the share price is also increasing at a rapid pace.

The maximum target may reach to Rs 120.25 and the minimum target is predicted to be around Rs 92.58.      

2030 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target 
JanuaryRs 58.85Rs 41.85
FebruaryRs 59.15Rs 45.25
MarchRs 62.25Rs 51.45
April Rs 67.89Rs 55.26
May Rs 69.45Rs 56.45
JuneRs 78.25Rs 59.45
July Rs 85.65Rs 62.47
AugustRs 98.75Rs 69.14
SeptemberRs 110.32Rs 72.17
October Rs 112.32Rs 85.14
November Rs 117.98Rs 89.65
December Rs 120.25Rs 92.58

Suzlon Share Price Target 2035

Investors know the future of Suzlon and that the reason for the stock rising, because they all are investing in this company to expect higher return in the future.

And we all know every country is working on renewable energy to curb the pollution and use the natural resources to produce more and more energy to fulfill the consumption of people. 

Minimum and maximum target of each months are in the table    

2035 ( Months)Maximum target Minimum target 
JanuaryRs 125.65Rs 96.12
FebruaryRs 129.65Rs 101.25
MarchRs 132.45Rs 110.32
April Rs 136.45Rs 112.22
May Rs 155.65Rs 120.65
JuneRs 175.65Rs 135.48
July Rs 196.12Rs 145.68
AugustRs 210.25Rs 175.85
SeptemberRs 235.24Rs 198.95
October Rs 275.52Rs 240.48
November Rs 298.65Rs 256.45
December Rs 325.25Rs 285.95

Suzlon Share Price Target 2040

In 2040 Suzlon energy with the help of the government and investors would have developed and produced vast energy.

It is India’s number one leading renewable energy sector, with a total 1,900+ global customers and 90% of the repeated customers.  

The maximum target of Suzlon would be around Rs 695.75 and the minimum target may reach to Rs 525.35. 

Year Maximum target Minimum target
2040Rs 695.75Rs 525.35

Suzlon Share Price Target 2050

In 2050 every renewable energy company would have developed so if you are a long term investors and even in the short term investment in this particular company is expected to to get a higher return.

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The maximum target is predicted to reach Rs 1,205.23 and the minimum target is expected to be around Rs 995.35   

Year Maximum target Minimum target
2050Rs 1,205.23Rs 995.35

Suzlon Share Price Target 2070 

In 2070 most of the energy will come from renewable sources and the growth of all the companies in renewable energy sectors would be at its peak. 

So if you are long term investors you can consider the share and you don’t need to wait for long to get higher return. Even in the short term it has given a better return to their investors  than our expectation. 

Our analysis indicate the maximum target of Suzlon stock forecast is anticipated to be Rs 7,527.75 and the minimum target would be around Rs 5,837.45  

Year Maximum target Minimum target
2070Rs 7,527.75Rs 5,837.45

Why Suzlon Share Price Increasing

There are many factor that are responsible for increase in share price these are as follow: 

  • Increasing the demand for renewable energy
  • High investment in Suzlon energy Ltd. 
  • Expanding company in the global market with its advanced technology and best solution. 
  • Government schemes to encourage renewable energy sectors  

Is Suzlon Share Worth Buying

Yes it is worth buying the share because in just one month 75% of growth is seen in the share. Its share price is continuously increasing and within 5 days the growth of share is seen.    


Q- Suzlon Share Price Target 2024

A- The maximum target of Suzlon stock price is anticipated to be Rs 42.25 and the minimum target may reach to Rs 32.52

Q- Can Suzlon Reach 100

A- Yes Suzlon share price can reach Rs 100, our analysis for this share indicate that the share price with target of Rs 100 is expected to reach in

Q- Can I Buy Suzlon Shares

A- Yes you can buy shares through any brokerage firm. It is listed on the Bombay stock exchange ( Bseindia ). 

Q- What is Suzlon Energy Share Price Target in next 5 years? 

A- The Suzlon Energy share price in the next 5 years with maximum target would be around Rs 85.54 and the minimum target may hit Rs 61.48.   

Q- Who is the CEO of Suzlon Energy Limited?

A- The chief executive officer (CEO) of Suzlon Energy Limited is J. P. Chalasani


In future the Growth of the company would be on a higher level than today and the share price will also increase. If you are an investor, read the complete articles to analyse the Suzlon share and I would recommend you to do your own research if you like this article and give it a Star rating. 

Disclaimer- our prediction is not financial advice, you can take help from this article to do research about Suzlon. Our prediction is based on fundamental and technical analysis. If there would not be any uncertainty in the market, the target may reach.

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