Fix 100% Thinkorswim stuck on installing updates

Are you looking for the working solution for Thinkorswim stuck on installing updates. You have landed on the right page. Here we will give you a working solution, after reading the article you yourself can fix the problem of stuck installing updates. 

When you launch the program on your desktop, a problem of occuring thinkorswim update stuck on installing. 

The problem may occur in both the system of your Windows or MacOS. Follow the instructions to solve the problem of thinkorswim installing updates forever from the root. 

1st Method

Force Quit Thinkorswim for Window User

Force Quit is an option to end the current task. If a particular app stops working or hangs. Follow the step 

Thinkorswim stuck on installing updates with solution
  1. Open Task Manager ( Click right mouse button on the bottom bar of computer to get Task manager )
  2. Click on Processes 
  3. In the list under Processes Right Click from your mouse on Thinkorswim Desktop application
  4. Click on the End Task

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Force Quit Thinkorswim for Mac User

For Mac User follow the step to Fix the problem 

  1. To open the Force Quit option press Option ( or Alt)+command+Esc (Escape)
  2. Select Thinkorswim
  3. Click on Force Quit 

After following the task simply restart your computer and wait for at least 5 minutes after starting your computer so that your computer can work smoothly. And after 5 minutes again update the application.

If this option is not working the second method will 100% work follow the instruction step by step to fix the problem 

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2nd Methods

Delete USERGUI Folder 

For window user

If you are a window user delete the USERGUI folder to fix the problem completely follow the step to delete folder. After deleting the folder you will not lose any kind of important data. This is just for the problem to fix which you are having after installing the update

  1. Right Click on the thinkorswim app 
  2. Go to the property 
  3. Open file location 
  4. Search for USERGUI folder 
  5. Delete the Folder 
  6. Restart the app Thinkorswim
Thinkorswim stuck on installing updates solution with usergui folder delete

For Mac user

  • Click on the Application > thinkorswim
  • Find the USERGUI Folder and delete the folder completely 
  • Restart your Mac 
  • Again Launch the Thinkorswim app 

System Requirements For Thinkorswim

These are some requirement for your computer to run thinkorswim software smoothly. if you have a operating system window 10, Ram 4GB, Processor intel core i3+ and your laptop disk space more than 400MB then you can use thinkorswim software without any problem.

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If you have meet the requirement and after that you are facing the issue on update you can follow the instruction in the article and can fix the problem.

Operating system    Window 10
Ram 4GB
Processor  Intel core i3+
Free space   More than 400MB

Can’t Download Thinkorswim Instaling Updates

if you are unable to download thinkorswim instaling updates follow the step given in the point

  • First close the software
  • Click right botton on mouse of software icon
  • Click on the property
  • Open the file location
  • Go to the USERGUI Folder
  • And delete the folder
  • After that restart the software

How Long Do Thinkorswim Updates Take to Install

After installing the thinkorswim double click on the icon and then click on the install botton and after that installing will start immediately. it will take a couple of minute to install,

Do not close the installing let the thinkorswim take time to install it depend on you internet connection how long it will take to install.


Few users are encountering the problem of thinkorswim not updating. If you are one of them, read the complete article to fix your problem completely. 

After the complete installation your software will automatically restart and then you can use your software as usual 

If you have successfully fixed the problem let me know in the comment and also share with other users who are having the same problem and also rate our article below.


Q- Thinkowswim not opening on mac

A- Delete the USERGUI folder to fix the problem completely. This one is the best working method to fix the problem. If this is not working you can contact us TD Ameritrade 

Q-Thinkorswim not working

A- if you are having any type of problem you can Directly contact us TD Ameritrade. 

Q- thinkorswim download

A- To download thinkorswim for Windows users, Mac users, Linux users and for other users click here and scroll down and choose 64 bit or 32 bit. Download will start automatically.

Q-Is thinkorswim compatible with windows 11?

A- Yes it is compatible with window 8,10,11 and Mac

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