Trade Algo Review 2023 | Who owns TradeAlgo

In a Trade Algo Review out of total 399 customers reviews Trade Algo got 4.2-Star Rating so far. Pros and cons : real time analytics and data, not all the customers are satisfied.  

In this guide you will learn about Trade algo and its pros and cons, features, cost, customer reviews, customer support and many more. 

What is Trade Algo

Trade algo is an Artificial intelligence ( AI ) based trade execution platform that uses the algorithm to detect the right opportunities to trade. They take data from different sources to provide in real time and It helps their customers to execute trade effectively. 

Trade algo works smarter than humans and it provides real time alert and authentic information when it comes to analysis and execution of trade if any new opportunities are there.  

How does Trade Algo work 

It works on an algorithm like chatgpt and Bard. it is a kind of program set by computer to to place trade You already know ( AI ) has changed everything. If you have any problem you will get the solution instantly in the same way artificial intelligence helps traders to make the right decision to place a trade.

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Its algorithm will automatically analyse the market in real time and sell and buy the stock depending on the volatility of the market. Suppose if a particular stock is expected to increase in the future our algorithm analyses the market and buys stocks. 

And after that algorithm continuously analyses the stock and if the price of stock is decreasing then it will automatically sell the stock.    

Trade Algo pros and cons 

Pros Cons 
As compared to humans, it takes quick decisions  High cost 
Using historical data it is pre tested to perform in the live market   Difficult to understand for novice traders 
Keep you away from the bigger loss.  Bugs in the algorithm.  
It can use a variety of strategies  Small mistakes lead to heavy loss in share market

Features of Trade Algo 

Decision making: it will disappear overthinking about a particular stock and make your analysis simple to reach to a conclusion to get the right opportunities.

Right approach:  it will provide you a right approach to deal with the particular stock whether it will make profit or loss. 

Trending market news: latest news regarding any stock is the paramount importance of the traders to predict the future of the stocks and to take right decisions. So in the fields of stock market Trade algo are covering the market to provide you with the latest and authentic data to their customers in real time and it is covering economics, governance and politics. 

Features of backtesting on historical data: it tested its strategies on the historical data to ensure that the algorithm that they have built would help traders to ensure profitability or not.   

Trade Algo cost

If you want to start your trading journey with an affordable price then Trade Algo is the best option to go with. 

They will take only their service charge and there would be no hidden charge or any other charges or complications like other trading platforms take. 

According to their website the trade algo annual subscription cost lies between $99 to $416 per month for real time data.  

Who owns TradeAlgo

NameTrade Algo 
Owner Jon Stone 
headquarterNew York
Founded In 2021
Valuation $113.33 M
Price per share$4

Trade Algo customers reviews

Reviews no 1– Out of 30 trade algo reviews they got 1.2 star rating overall

Reviews no 2- Trade algo promise of 100% guarantees all your money back refund but customers are complaining of not refund even after 4 to 5 months of complaints. 

Reviews no 3-  John  was very helpful in explaining how its tools and resources enhance the ability to profit with options. 

Reviews no 3- Trade algo has been a blessing to me. Imparting great knowledge during my trading it also helps me to find trades faster and find more profitable trades with the help of Trade algo and their staff. Love you guys. 

Customers Rating 

Ease of use 5.0 Star 
Features of trade algo4.9 Star
Value for money2.5 Star
Customers services4.0 Star
Customer satisfaction 1.2 Star

Trade Algo customers support

Trade algo customers services by far are good and maximum customers are fully satisfied with their services. If you have any problem, trade algo staff would help you as fast as possible. 

Customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons for the company moving at a rapid pace. They are always ready to help you in any circumstances.  

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How can you start algo trading 

This tool is best for the traders who believe on the technical data all their features and services are the best for all types of investors.

But we believe that no one should completely rely on only tools and do your own research.You better do technical and fundamental analysis before you buy any share. 

Step to start algo trading. 

  1. First Go to the trade algo:  
  2. Second Open your brokerage account. 
  3. Deposit fund to your account 
  4. Make sure to do backtest to analyse the problem 
  5. And then you can start trading in the stock market . 


Q-Is algo trading worth it

A- Yes algo trading is worth it because it may provide a systematic and disciplined approach. and can make better decisions than humans to execute trades. 

Q-Trade Algo refund

A- Once you have done your payment you will not get any refund. This is totally non refundable. 


Trade algo review would have helped you to get good knowledge, their features, pros and cons, customer support and customer reviews. It is up to you  whether you want to use this platform or not. If you like this article, consider giving star ratings to our articles.  

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